Welcome to QC Hosting LLC

Here at QC Hosting LLC we take pride in offering Affordable, Reliable & Fast hosting services. We power all of our virtual services off of the newest hardware, this means you are getting the newest and best performance. Seeking for a Hosting Service is one of the hardships we all face now. Trying to find that one that offers services that are reliable while being affordable is something that you can't come along easily, however QC Hosting offers just that!

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Why Us.

Picking the right hosting provider sometimes is hard, with so many different choices we hope we are the one you make as we offer some of the best features at affordable prices.

24/7 Support

We strive to provide 24/7 Support for our Customers, this means if you have any issues with your server, our technical support team can help you! Any hour any day we are here to help.

Premium Hardware

Our hardware is premium, this means you get nothing but the latest and greatest hardware. We provide services with processors that are no older than 5 years old.

Weekly Backups

Weekly backups come at no cost to the customer, this is because we understand sometimes bad things happen from corruption to a bad developer. We provide Weekly backups with incremential ones each night at midnight.

99.9% Uptime

Our Uptime is something we take serious, you can view all of our nodes & servers on our status page.

Annual Giveaways

Our customers who stay with us for the long run can receive at random free upgrades, free months, and so much more! We want to thank each and every customer by showing them we are here for them.

5 Day Money Back

You can try our services for 5 days risk free, this means you have 5 days to request a refund. This should give you plenty of time to test our services out.

Featured Reviews.

Braedon S.

"QC Hosting LLC offers great services. Not only is their support superb but the quality of the product that they offer is really great and easy to use."

Junior R.

"We've never had any downtime, connection or various other issues because of the server provider, their servers are always consistent and reliable. Their wide variety of server plans allow you to get exactly what you need. Personally they Fulfil my exact needs and more and will do the same for everyone else."


"QC Hosting LLC we very recommended for small to medium tech start up, The customer service is amazing and will help you resolve any issues which you may experience while using the services."

QC Hosting LLC Locations

QC Hosting currently hosts servers in 11 global locations with our 6 US Locations being our most popular.