Affordability & Reliability.

QC Hosting empowers our brands to provide Fast, Affordable, and reliable hosting solutions. We provide the equipment and they provide the knowledge.

Where we started and where we are now.

QC Hosting started off as a small operation named as FireLion Hosting, after 2 years we rebranded to QC Hosting, LLC and operate 3 brands which provide different services to our customers.

  • PFM Host
  • Techino
  • FireLion Hosting

We strive to provide the most affordable, reliable, and fast services on the market today. QC Hosting is here for anything you will need in the future, present, and past.


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These are the services we provide overall with our brands.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Keep your internet connection secure & encrypt everything you do on the internet to keep those pesky eyes away from your data.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Create your community on one of our powerful Virtual Private Servers provided by PFM. Just start with one of our wizards today!

Game Servers

Wanting to just get started with your server already? Don't want to deal with the setup, just pickup one of the game servers provided by Techino!

Bare Metal Services

Get all the power one of our servers can provide, everything is yours with one of these powerful but yet reliable servers.

Colocation Services

Conquer your competition by putting your servers in our racks! We provide the best quality and accessibility for your business or personal project, all at a low price.

Development Services

Need help setting up your server or website? Don't worry! We have a team dedicated to providing development services for your community, website, or business.



Starting with someone new is a hard choice, but why not read over our reviews?

One of the best companies I've used, Recently people have tried to contact us and say the company is a "Scam" company, however they have provided the services as intended and beyond. Their customer service is impeccable and response times are just under 5 minutes! We definitely recommend picking up a VPS from them. Much love to the PFM Team and I definitely thank Johnathan for getting us setup!!

Damien Absalom

Virtual Private Server

PFM provide amazing services at affordable prices, and their customer service has been absolutely impeccable. Our servers have run perfectly with no downtime and absolutely zero issues. I highly recommend PFM for any server hosting needs.

Kye Jones

Virtual Private Server

Really great company really fast at setting up when I bought from them and really great support when I need it from them I would suggest buying from PFM Hosting

BX Justin

Virtual Private Server

Management was very helpful with helping set up and upgrade my vps. This company is a cheap and reliable one


Virtual Private Server

QC Hosting has been nothing but professional! From helping me out to even giving me hands on advice. I definitely recommend there services to anyone who is a starter and wants to get going. Heck id even recommend them to a larger scale business or community anyday!


Bare Metal Server

The service provided has been great I have no complaints and I would recommend QC Hosting LLC to anyone they are the best and very high quality VPS provider service available today

Nick B.

Virtual Private Server

We've never had any downtime, connection or various other issues because of the server provider, their servers are always consistent and reliable. Their wide variety of server plans allow you to get exactly what you need. Personally they Fulfil my exact needs and more and will do the same for everyone else.

Junior R.

Virtual Private Server

QC-hosting give great customer service along with some amazing products that are always up to the highest standards. Highly Recommend!

Josh S.

Virtual Private Server

I have multiple servers running through QC-Hosting and they all run great customer service that goes above and beyond for their clients, and I would recommend, 10/10


Virtual Private Server